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Rebecca Last

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Rebecca Last has been gardening on and off since age 8 and has been a member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton since 2005. Her small suburban garden is certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as wildlife habitat. Rebecca grows a dozen or more varieties of heritage tomatoes every year. Her garden design includes elements of permaculture and she has been honoured to receive several awards from the Ontario horticulture community. Aside from getting her hands dirty, Rebecca is also passionate about the science behind gardening. Not a scientist herself, a big part of her career was translating science into terms that would resonate with the public. Now retired, she uses these same skills to share what she learns about gardening and plant science via her blog Gardening at Last (https://gardeningatlast.ca/). She also shares her own research and writing on ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rebecca-Last), where her publications have garnered over 10,000 reads. Rebecca’s gardening addiction is enabled by her loving husband Richard and a collection of very spoiled rescue cats.

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Speaking List
Gardening Vegetables 10 City Veggies (Veggies you can grow in pots or on small urban lots) Beans on a fence, carrots in pots, anyone can grow these easy plants! This presentation is offered in both official languages and provides an overview of easy plants that novice gardeners can grow in a confined space. The emphasis is on food plants that also have some ornamental value. Vegetables – Edibles/Food
Propagating All From a Little Seed This presentation is all about SEX -- plant sex, that is, and how home gardeners can save money, have fun and breed new varieties by starting their own seeds. We begin with a discussion of why gardeners might want to start plants from seed. There is an introduction to the lexicon for seed starting and a discussion of the importance of documentation. We talk about sources of seed, and viabilty. Then we discuss equipment and supplies for seed-starting, and what seeds to start where and when (indoors versus outdoors). There are some tips for getting a head-start on your seed-starting, and we end up with some trouble-shooting and the basics of hardening off. Gardening
Herbs Culinary Herbs (Co-presented with hubby, Richard Guenette) This combination talk and demonstration includes an overview of herbs versus spices, varieties to grow and cultivation tips, followed by a taste of four different dishes, using four different herbs. Note: There is a minimum fee for the demo portion of this talk because we provide food samples, including shrimp, guacamole and pesto. Herbs
Environment Design Lessons from My Big Fat Garden Reno Over a ten-year period, a small suburban garden was transformed into a tranquil refuge for people and wildlife. This talk is a very personal take on comprehensive garden make-overs. Whether you just want to refresh your garden, or create an entirely new look, you need to answer some key questions before getting started. Also covered are the merits of DIY versus hiring professionals, budgeting strategies, relevant bylaws and building codes, and check lists of many other aspects that need to be considered before embarking on a garden renovation. Gardening
Vegetables Heavenly Heritage Tomatoes What are heritage tomatoes, and why should we grow them? This talk covers some definitions of heritage tomatoes, discusses different types and how best to grow them. There is also a brief introduction to some of the main breed programs for “new heritage” varieties. You will also learn about sources of seeds, a bit about starting tomatoes from seed, and the pluses and minuses of heritage tomatoes. Vegetables – Edibles/Food
Gardening Invasive Species Thugs, Bullies & Sneaks -- Plants to be Wary Of Good for spring presentations, this talk addresses the issue of selecting the right plant for the right location. It offers a review of plants that have thuggish tendencies or other unfortunate outcomes when improperly sited. Garden Pests
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