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Your donation provides tree grants and helps fund community projects across Ontario to promote the importance of gardening in protecting our part of the world.

Our Top Priorities


We promote the careful use of our natural resources to prevent them from being lost or wasted.


How do we take care of those we love and where we live? By planting a pollinator garden of course!


Gardening benefits people and communities and brings them together. Look through our resources, events, and join us on Facebook. Say hello.


The involvement of today’s young people in all areas of horticulture is crucial. Shortly, Ontario will be theirs to care for.

Last year we had over 28,000 members in 273 societies and 19 districts throughout Ontario. We have seen a lot of change in that time but gardening remains a passion that provides food for our families and beauty in our communities.

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Planned Legacy Giving


Tax Efficiency

Clients will receive an immediate tax receipt for their donation. Unused credits may be carried forward for up to 5 years. No capital gains taxes are realized on gifts of long-term appreciated publicly-listed stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Low Cost Alternative

Compared with the expense of setting up and maintaining a private foundation, the Planned Legacy Giving Program is an inexpensive way to manage a sizeable gift.


Clients may recommend grants to any number of charities or other institutions each year, with minimum grants of $250.


The Planned Legacy Giving Program simplifies the charitable giving experience by handling administrative tasks (i.e. issuing cheques, record-keeping, grant reporting and tax receipts) for each account.

Make a difference today. Speak to your financial advisor to learn more about the benefits of the Planned Legacy Giving Program to the Ontario Horticultural Association.

The OHA is all about sharing a love of gardening that can be enjoyed all year long. Learning how to grow food in small spaces, a community garden, or in containers is very important. We are a charitable organization and we only receive dues from our societies and, if we are fortunate, donations from generous people like you.

Won’t you join us; together we can bring gardening to communities across Ontario.

- OHA Past President, Katharine Smyth

Awards and Grants


We recognize strong leadership and active participation in communities across Ontario through our awards program.

Funding is granted to societies helping them offset costs so they can provide more programs every year.

Here is the latest copy of our Awards + Grants Booklet. To submit a nomination for an award or apply for a grant, please see our resource section for more details and the application forms. For a list of award recipients over the years, please see our convention page and check out the autumn edition of our Trillium newsletter for more details.

Our Sponsors & Donors


We depend on many individuals and organizations who provide their time, materials and/or financial donations to help support the many programs we deliver across Ontario.

Thank you for your generosity.

The Ontario Horticultural Association warmly appreciates all that you give us. We are delighted to offer the following acknowledgments as a thank you for helping us reach our goals, keeping Ontario beautiful.

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