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We offer a selection of items for gardeners, Service Pins to recognize long-serving members, booklets, brochures, and guides published by the OHA for sale. To order, please use our convenient order form.

How To Order

  • Follow instructions on the order form. Do not send payment with your order, postage must be added.
  • An invoice will be sent with your order adding postage (even if items are free of charge).
  • Please pay the final amount listed on the invoice when it arrives.
  • All cheques must be made payable to the Ontario Horticultural Association and mailed to the address on the order form.

Check out all the items you can order with our logo on it… like mugs, signs, and t-shirts… online at our Custom Printables at Vistaprint store. They ship directly to you!

Doorhanger available through VistaPrint.


Send your order to the Supplies Coordinator, ask questions or get more information:


The OHA was able to purchase these environmentally conscious items in bulk and offer them to you at a great price!
These would make wonderful gifts or thank you items for speakers, guests at your meetings, or yourself…

Download the flyer and order form for this special offer. Items are limited.

Beeswax Food Wraps
GardenOntario Branded Wax Wraps

Beeswax Food Wraps

To use at home in place of plastic wrap…
• Made in Canada from 100% organic cotton, beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil.
• Use them to cover bowls, wrap sandwiches, cheese, fruit, cut vegetables and more
• Wipe with a damp cloth or wash with soap and warm water (never hot) and let dry
• 3 per package (1 each 13 x 13,
10 x 10, and 7 x 7 inches)
• 2 styles to choose from:
a) Variety pack (choice not available, but similar to the photo) $20.00 (tax included)
b) GardenOntario sheets
$20.00 (tax included)


2019 OJES

2019 Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (OJES 2019). $10

OHA Awards and Grants Booklet



District Appreciation Award

Life Member Award & Membership Card

life member wallet card

This certificate is available to recognize a member that has added to many aspects to help your Society grow and be more productive. It is a way to honour their contributions, not just necessarily for a length of time in your Society. It includes a wallet card – Both for $2 


Certificate Presentation Folder

$5 each

Society/Club President’s Award

This certificate is available to a Society to honour a member in your group for “going that extra mile” in helping your Society to succeed. FREE DOWNLOAD

Youth Service Award

This certificate is available to recognize and bring pride to your Youth Members and help them to connect to your group and community and possibly guide them to be future members. FREE DOWNLOAD

Youth Member Card

This Youth Membership card lets your junior members carry something to show, with pride, that they are part of the group that is helping your community. $1


There are Service Pins to recognize all positions of your Society or District Board and Pins to recognize years of service from 5 Years to 60 Years in five year increments. See the Order form for all the choices. $5 each.


*blank inside

1 single – 5 card package (5). $5
5 packages of 5 cards (25). $20

GardenOntario Post Card

A postcard you can use to hand out at your events. You can add your Society information and/or meetings for the year on the back by printing out labels and attaching them. You can also promote an upcoming event such as a Plant Sale, Seedy Saturday/Sunday, Garden Tour, Bus Trip, etc. These are *free (good to get them through your District Director when they attend the board meetings in March & October or at the Convention to save the postage).

GardenOntario Pen

Says GardenOntario with the website on one side and Ontario Horticultural Association on the other. Makes a great gift to welcome new members or to say thank you to a speaker. The ideas are endless. $2.50

OHA Logo Peel & Stick Decal

A clear decal that sticks magnetically to the outside of any window. $2

U-Glu tabs

NEW-U-GLU Sticky Tabs

Oasis U-Glu Sticky Dashes are used mostly by floral designers as a product to help them secure floral material to be formed into a specific shape or to make the material stay in place. They are a sticky piece of glue that is about 1/2 inch square.This is a far superior product than the sticky dots we used to use.
They are being sold on a tape of 50 pieces for $4.00.

GardenOntario Pollinator Brochure

A wonderful guide to help you create Pollinator Gardens, Nesting Sites, make a Bee House and provide resources to find information and locations to purchase Native Plants. Free (Limit 100).

Online Printable GardenOntario Pollinator Brochure

GardenOntario Pollinator Haven Sign

*In both English and French.

This signage can be placed in your Pollinator Garden or with a Pollinator Haven that you have created to help with a food supply or safety for our pollinators. $30