Canadian AAS Judges are Celebrating the Year of the Garden

All-America Selections has always enjoyed tremendous support from our neighbors to the north. As they celebrate 2022 as the Year of the Garden, we want to thank and recognize our Canadian judges for all the work they put into trialing the many entries into the AAS Trials. Each judge brings their unique perspective to the trial and lends their expertise in helping decide exactly which new varieties have the potential of becoming an AAS Winner.

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Order the ‘Gardens Canada – Live the Garden Life’ Books

In collaboration with Magic Light Publishing, the Canadian Garden Council is pleased to release the ‘Gardens Canada – Live the Garden Life’ coffee table book. This curated book highlights some of Canada’s most popular and admired gardens, gardening trends, and innovations across the country. Even better, a portion of book sale proceeds will help support the Year of the Garden 2022. Books will be available at Indigo and Chapters as of June.

If you are interested in selling the book or using the book for fundraising, you can order your books at a reduced price now or contact: 

Celebration Gardens 2022 – We’re Still Celebrating!

Whether you’re drawn to the spectacular outdoors, the change in colours or crunchy leaves, fall is a great time to relax and admire your garden. Relax and immerse in your garden this fall, while soaking in all your hard work. With cooler weather, enjoy a cup of tea or a treat and take in your garden progression. Sign up your 2022 Celebration Garden and get your certificate to highlight that you participated in celebrating Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022. 

Celebrate your garden and the hard work you have achieved.

Please remind your members, your volunteers, and your followers that they can sign up their garden here.

Therapeutic Garden Invitation: Prepping for Fall!

As fall weather takes hold, we need to change our gardening practices to get our landscape ready for the season ahead. A flower garden can tell you a lot at the end of the growing season. You’ll want to assess the results of all your spring and summer work and prepare your garden for next spring. With changing weather, there are few things that can still be planted in your garden. We can prep our gardens to start planting trees or wait a little to begin planting tulips which are generally best planted in October or November. 

The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association puts out a Therapeutic Garden invitation on our social media every week, follow us on Facebook. You can also check all the invitations that have been sent to date on our website.

The 2023 Spring Issue of Trillium is here!

The 2023 Spring Issue of Trillium is here!

What are the Garden Clubs and Horticultural Societies in Ontario planning for 2023? Who won the latest OHA 50/50 raffle and how can someone get in on a chance to purchase a winning ticket for the next draw? When and where is the 2023 OHA Convention and AGM? What other...

Celebrating the Year of the Garden

All Canadians are invited to Live the Garden Life by signing up their garden as a 2022 Celebration Garden. What are we celebrating? Share with us what your garden means to you.

To learn more about registering your Climate Action Celebration Garden, Native Plant Celebration Garden, Edible Celebration Garden, Social Celebration Garden, please visit:

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