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Mike Prong


St Thomas

Districts Served
  • D06
  • D07
  • D10
  • D19

Over the last 15 years, I have strived to become a dedicated, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking advocate of green
practices in the landscape industry. My love of landscaping began as a young boy growing up just outside London in
Aylmer, Ontario. Eventually this then led to my enrollment in Fanshawe College’s Landscape Design program in the fall of
2009 followed by the completion of Mohawk College’s Horticultural Apprenticeship Program in 2013. In 2018 I was
certified through Landscape Ontario’s “Fusion Landscape Professionals” certification program which focuses on creating
beautiful landscapes that save water, manage stormwater, and enhance livable spaces. With years of hands-on
construction experience coupled and a broad knowledge of horticulture, I ensure my all my designs are aesthetically
pleasing as well as functional, and wherever possible, environmentally sustainable. This includes the use of many native
plant species, plants that require very little water (once established) and that are tolerant of drought, planting for
biodiversity enhancement and the benefits of pollinators, and in a way that manages rainwater thoughtfully and artistically.

  • Environment
  • Floral Design
  • Gardening
  • Pollinators
Speaking List
Gardening Intro to Landscape Design Tips and tricks to make your home garden look like it was done by a professional Zoom/In person
Pollinators Gardening for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies Gardening to attract and benefit pollinators and other wildlife in the landscape Zoom/In person
Environment Fusion Landscaping: Low Water, Low Maintenance, Low Impact Intro to Fusion Landscaping and discussing ways it can be incorporated into any landscape Zoom/In person
Environment Rain Gardens: Where, Why & How Rain gardens are a useful tool in managing wet areas of the landscape. This talk discusses why they are needed, where you might need one, and how to build your own Zoom/In person
Floral/Garden Design Perennial Perfection: 20(ish) Perfect Perennials for your Landscape An in depth look at a variety of spectacular perennials for the landscape. Zoom/In person
Floral/Garden Design Showstopping Shrubbery A look at a selection of Native shrubs perfect for the urban landscape Zoom/In person

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