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Molly Shannon

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Districts Served
  • D05
  • D15
  • D17

My sister Alex and I own and operate the small- business Canadian Succulents in
Uxbridge, ON. We have been working with Jeff and Marjorie Mason (from CTV Radio's
"Let's Get Growing") at their greenhouse for 5 years, gaining a wealth of experience
and knowledge. We have a succulent collection of over 300 species, and grow all the
succulent plants that go into our arrangements. We sell our arrangements to retail
partners across Ontario, including Sheridan Nurseries. We have a keen eye for design,
and have been recognized as one of “The Best Canadian Florists With The Most
Inspiring Designs” by HGTV. We offer all presentations virtually to groups.

  • Floral Design
  • Gardening
  • Houseplants
Speaking List
Gardening Succulent Gardening for Beginners Learn the basics of outdoor perennial succulent care in Canada! Sisters Molly & Alex will discuss design, placement, watering, specialty soils, pests, and seasonal care. - 1 Hour Presentation - $200.00 CAD - In-person or virtual Zoom/In person
Houseplants Caring for Succulents in Your Home Learn the basics of indoor succulent care. Sisters Molly & Alex will discuss lighting, watering, specialty soils, beginner succulent species, pests, seasonal care, and the most common mistakes made with succulents as houseplants. - 1 Hour Presentation - $200.00 CAD - In-person or virtual Zoom/In person
Floral Design Designing with Succulents Indoors/Outdoors Learn how to design both indoor and outdoor spaces with succulents! Sisters Molly & Alex will walk you through both the creative and practical approaches to compose your very own indoor centrepiece, and outdoor urn. - 1 Hour Presentation - $200.00 CAD - In-person or virtual Zoom/In person

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