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Terri Dent



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  • D11

"1. Mature gardening - focusing on how we can experience great gardening as we mature through life and what has evolved in the gardening markets.
2. Eco-gardening - focusing on the goodness of gardening. do's and don'ts
3. Easy Peasy gardening - focusing on getting the biggest bang out of your gardens and not having to work super hard at it.
4. Pathways - showing the many, many ways to make your garden more efficient, more welcoming and the different types there are.
5. Spring Gardening - how-when-where to wake up your gardens for a brand new season ahead.
6. Xeriscaping - how to be environmental accountable with a myriad of beautiful plants that promote drought - disease and insects resistance while giving your gardens amazing looks
7. Container Gardening - focusing on the trends in our gardens of the future.
8. Native Gardening - Revealing the ins and outs about the old and new concepts of and uses for native plants in our geological area.
9. Dividing Plants
10. It's a wrap - Recaping the Year in Gardening
11. Winterizing Gardens -
12. Colours of the Garden - how to wow
13. World of Bulbs
14. General Rules of Gardening. Soil, composting, etc.. Winterizing your garden. Rare and unusual perennials "

Note: she can speak on multiple gardening topics ask her if there are anything interested in.

  • Gardening
Speaking List
Many areas of gardening See above list Zoom/In person

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