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Candace Dressler

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Candace Dressler has been gardening for over 30 years, now she gardens on her half acre property in Ottawa. She started gardening so she could have a supply of fresh herbs. She branched out to vegetables with some flowers and now grows mixed borders with lots of herbs, flowers and some vegetables throughout. More and more she is introducing native plants as they bring the pollinators in, improving everything in her garden. Although she does have a slight Dahlia problem, it's not quite an addiction but... Candace joined her local Horticultural Society in 2005, and achieved the designation Master Gardener in 2019, the same year she joined the Board of Directors of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

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Speaking List
Native Plants, Environment Native Plants for Eastern Ontario What is a Native Plant? Why garden with native plants? Which native plants are right for my garden? and Where do I get native plants from? Candace will discuss all of these questions. Zoom/In person
Gardening Perennials, Seasonal Perennial Colour through the Seasons Using layering, succession planting and choosing plants with a long bloom period will keep your perennial garden bright all year. Candace will discuss the techniques and plants that have given her success and a colourful garden all year. Zoom/In person

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