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Nancy Lee-Colibaba

OHA Member

District 6 Brantford Garden Club



Districts Served
  • D05
  • D06
  • D07
  • D09
  • D15
  • D16
  • D19

Nancy was raised on a farm in Norfolk county and developed a love of plants at an early age.
She developed her skills at Niagara College, Guelph University and Humber College.
She joined Royal Botanical Gardens early 1980s and furthered her education in the field of
Horticultural Therapy. She joined the Master Gardeners in 1984. She enjoys teaching
horticulture and horticultural therapy to interested groups and continues to learn and
pass on that knowledge now that she is retired as well as maintain her perennial and
vegetable gardens at home.

  • Edibles/Food
  • Gardening
Speaking List
Vegetables Getting Started in the Vegetable Garden Spring is the time to get the garden ready for planting and even start some cold tolerant plants. This talk will help the novice get started growing their own vegetables. Zoom/In person
Vegetables Planting the Vegetable Garden Once the space is prepared, planting the garden is the next step. What plants to grow, what seeds to start will be discussed in this talk for novice vegetable gardeners Zoom/In person
Vegetables Caring for the Vegetable Garden Once the vegetables are growing, it is time to maintain the garden. Staking, suckering, weeding, deadheading, replanting etc… Many things to do in the garden. Learn how to care for the garden Zoom/In person
Vegetables Harvesting the Vegetable Garden This talk will cover the harvest but also getting the garden ready for winter plus ideas to extend your growing season. Gardening isn’t just in the summertime Zoom/In person
Gardening Introduction to Horticultural Therapy Get an overview of how working with plants and people will benefit their physical, social and cognitive abilities. This talk will also explore the people- plant connection. Zoom/In person
Herbs Versatile Herbs Learn about herbs and the folklore behind them. Herbs are a stable in the kitchen so this talk will outline harvesting, drying and uses for these versatile plants. Zoom/In person
Gardening Making Gardening Easier Often it is rethinking your garden that could make the tasks much easier and perhaps more enjoyable. Discussions on how to make gardening fun agai Zoom/In person

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