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Margaret Anna Leggatt

OHA Member

Parkdale & ORG & HPS



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NEW Gardening during Climate Change - Lower your Garden’s Carbon Footprint Travels abroad - wildflowers in multiple places - Travels of a mad gardener- (can be a guessing game - Where is Anna Now?) Around the World in 40 plants, Wildflowers and Wildlife from China, Western Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Iran, Greece, Dolomites, Spain, UK, Argentina, Costa Rica,, Mexico, Rocky Mountains, Ontario, Canadian Arctic. Also visits featuring culture, history and/or wildlife to above + Bering Sea, Brazil, Namibia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, SE Asia, Antarctic. California Superboom Favorite plants from around the world - can we grow them? Garden Blues - blue flowers for different places recreated The Poppy Family - common to the unusual New Japanese gardens - how we can add elements to our gardens Looking at gardens and learning from what you see, Clematis, Climbers, vertical gardening - part or all Environmental gardening – wildflowers, gardening for birds, wildlife, etc, Mountains, Monarchs, Mexico. Bulbs, also No sex please, we’re potatoes or South African bulbs Colour in the Garden Cut it Out - How to prune and what Anna has achieved Rock gardening, - troughs, screes, sand beds - part or all Raised Beds, and/or Planters, Hanging baskets Shade gardens, Ground covers, Getting rid of your Lawn Beyond Green: year round colour and form from shrubs and Small trees Growing Hedges - from traditional to unusual recreated Unusual vegetables, Water gardening Identifying weeds, - Summer and fall only recreated Beautiful plants that spread,- Big Bad and Beautiful Growing Shakespeare, Now I’ve got it, where do I put it? 47 years in one Bed, Evening Garden or Scented garden recreated Seed starting (Jan to May) Seed collecting (Spring to Fall) The Label said “Small” Plus others. Requests considered.

  • Gardening
Speaking List
Gardening In a Raised Bed Zoom/In person
Shade Gardening The joys of Shade Zoom/In person
Bulbs No sex please, we’re potatoes Bulbs from around the world Bulb lust successes and failures Zoom/In person
Pruning Cut it out Zoom/In person
Rock Gardening Growing Alpine Treasures Zoom/In person

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