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Please note: OHA certified judges appear first listed alphabetically and otherwise qualified judges appear at the end of the list.

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 Name City OHA Cert Other Cert Districts
Anne HarbordAshtonYes

GCO-design, RGB-Hort, CRS-Roses, NALS-Lilium

  • D01
  • D02
  • D03
  • D04
Frances BoumaAmaranthYes
  • D07
  • D08
Helen HalpennyAlmonteYes

RGB-hort, GCO-design

  • D02
Joanna BaarsArthurYes
  • D07
  • D08
Marilyn SneddenAlmonteYes
  • D02
Nancy AbraArvaYes
  • D10
Susan SuterAncasterYes

GCO-design W.A.F.A.

  • D06
Wayne PfefferAytonYes
  • All Districts
 Name City OHA Cert Other Cert Districts