Benefits for Local Societies

Coordinating Organization Activities

Advocates on behalf of Societies/Clubs with governing body organizations such as OMAFRA.

Maintains a comprehensive website with resources and guidelines for Societies/Clubs including Society/Club web pages.

Maintains a current list of experts available to speak to Societies/Clubs.

Organizes an OHA Convention for networking to connect Societies/Clubs with each other, with Districts, and with the OHA.

Maintains an In Memoriam program via the In Memoriam Book and/or Convention presentation.

Provides a bridge to unite and support the unique geographical areas, interests and histories of the Societies/Clubs across Ontario.

Supplies  GardenOntario merchandise, member pins, certificates, customizable merchandise, etc. via the VistaPrint service.

Advertises and promotes Societies/Clubs at events such as the Canadian National Exhibition, International Plowing Match, Home & Garden Shows, marketing materials, media, outreach programs.

Recognition, Awards, and Grants

Presents annual Certificates of Recognition to members who have made substantial contributions to their Societies/Clubs, to the OHA, or to their communities.

Funding projects is important to the OHA and we offer several grants to societies each year. Check out our Awards and Grants booklet in the Resources section for more information.

Administration and Governance

Supports the creation of new Horticultural Societies/Clubs..

Support and guidance on matters of Constitution, Bylaws and Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act Changes.

Helps to train and certify Floral & Design Judges.

Creation of templates, waivers, checklists for day-to-day operations of Societies/Clubs.

Newly elected officers of local societies get all the help necessary to be successful. There are comprehensive resources available online and from our network of members who are eager to help. Included are guides and manuals that explain the relationship and obligations between a society, the OHA, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).


The OHA provides societies with inexpensive liability insurance to protect them against any lawsuit that might be brought against a society as a result of negligence by one of its members.


Four times a year, the OHA publishes and delivers a newsletter to keep societies up to date with the affairs of the Association. All societies are invited to submit articles that are of provincial interest.

Circulation of horticultural or environmental information through various media outlets such as the Trillium Newsletter, the OHA Website, Social Media.

Provides information, education, supplies/marketing materials.

Community Outreach

Development and support of programs dealing with community beautification, environmental issues, biodiversity and conservation.