Benefits for Individual Members


OHA awards recognize members of horticultural societies who have done admirable or outstanding work. Find out more about Awards and Grants.


At the OHA Annual Convention, members of horticultural societies get together for speakers, educational seminars; competitions with other societies in horticulture and design, photography, art and publications; commercial exhibits; youth competitions; and a chance to share new ideas, renew old friendships and make new ones.


The OHA is offered discounts for our members from time to time by organizations and retail establishments in support of their products and services. Also check individual societies and districts in your area for a more localized list. Currently, we have the following discounts:

Judging Schools

Are you interested in learning how to judge competitions? OHA offers training courses for prospective judges for horticultural and agricultural society shows. We certify judges and publish a guide for judges and exhibitors of specimen and decorative classes entitled Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards – for Horticultural and Floral Design (“OJES” for short). See our Garden Shop to purchase this publication. Also see our Judges List to find an OHA certified or otherwise certified judge for your show.


The OHA offers individual members the opportunity to make new friends with people having similar interests – right across the province. Find your society today. We also publish a list of interesting organizational links and online resources on a variety of topics.

Youth Activities

OHA encourages young people to participate in their community through horticulture. A leadership manual, newsletter, and special competitions are available to youth members. Many societies offer programs for youth and many more can be implemented – we show you how.