Dear Societies and Judges 

Re: Flower Shows and other events and Judging Shows during the Reopening Ontario Plan for COVID -19

Thank you for your inquiry regarding judging an in-person show on July 12, 2021, in your area. I have had an opportunity to review this with OHA officers the OHA Judging Committee.

You did not indicate if this is to be an indoor or outdoor event. Indoor and Outdoor requirements vary.

You are correct in that the Society in question needs to ensure that it is fully in compliance with whatever restrictions are in place on the date of the event. Societies were sent information by the OHA regarding holding events and advised to ensure being in compliance with their local health unit.

 Unfortunately given the fluid nature of the re-opening it is difficult at this point to be able to predict what restrictions may be in place on July 12, 2021. Step 2 is slated to start July 2, 2021. In Step 2 of the Reopening Ontario Plan, 70 % of adults must be vaccinated with one dose and 20% fully vaccinated.  Phase 2 is slated to allow-25 people outdoors, an indoor gathering of up to 5 people. The small indoor gathering of 5 people must wear a face mask. According to Shawn LaPalm of Cooperators Insurance a written, signed permission form must be obtained from the local health department to hold the event – not permission from the mayor or the bylaw officer or the MP or MPP. This assumes Step 2 of the Reopening Ontario Plan proceeds before July 12, 2021.

Judging at a Flower Show is a decision of the individual Judge. Judges need to assess the type of show by reviewing the schedule, asking about venue, etc. A Judge should personally feel they are comfortable with judging any show.

The OHA does not have any specific guidance regarding judging during COVID -19 other than to suggest you check with the local health unit for the event to find out what restrictions are in place at the time of the event.

 I hope this has provided you with additional information on which to make a decision.


The OHA Judging Committee