Good afternoon – This message is going to all Society Presidents and Secretaries

The OHA is committed to working with OHA youth and youth groups/clubs. An opportunity came to us too late this year, however we would like to make all societies/clubs with youth aware so it can be considered for 2021.

We would ask you to review the Youth Summit Sponsorship Package for 2020 to see if you might have youth, aged 14-20, that might be a good fit for this program in 2021.

The OHA is committed to sponsoring 4 youth next year! Travel costs will be at the cost of the individual.

If you identify a youth that might be a good fit for the Youth Summit, please reach out to our OHA Youth Leader, Catherine McGill, at to put their name forward. Do not contact the Youth Summit regarding this opportunity as it will be OHA sponsored.

Thank you

Catherine McGill

Youth Chair