At this time, events are being scheduled but may change without much notice depending on current covid-19 restrictions. Please check with the organizer for any you are interested in to get the most uptodate information.

February General Meeting – Creating Spaces that Resonate

McConaghy Centre 10100 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING: GUEST SPEAKER WOLFE BONHAM, "CREATING SPACES THAT RESONATE" Have you ever noticed that some garden spaces just feel right, even if they aren't the nicest-looking gardens?  While others that are immaculate, well-designed, and downright spectacular just don't feel right?  This is perhaps because we all have childhood memories of archetypal spaces that […]

March General Meeting – An Exploration of Hardscape Plants

McConaghy Centre 10100 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

MARCH GENERAL MEETING: GUEST SPEAKER JONAS SPRING, "AN EXPLORATION OF HARDSCAPE PLANTS" Following an extensive review of plants that grow on cliffs and alvars around southern Ontario, Jonas Spring has identified a palette of commercially available hardy, local and beautiful plants that thrive in cracks and crevices. He will share insights about these “hardscape plants” […]

April General Meeting – “Growing Gracefully: The Evolution of a Garden”

McConaghy Centre 10100 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

APRIL GENERAL MEETING: GUEST SPEAKER SEAN JAMES, "GROWING GRACEFULLY: THE EVOLUTION OF A GARDEN" As many a gardener can visually attest to from photos – gardens evolve, year after year. Some plants over-thrive, while others perish. As trees mature, once-sunny spaces become better suited to shade-loving plants. Sean will guide us through this natural progression […]