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Jeanne McRight

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The Cloverleaf Garden Club



Districts Served
  • D15

Jeanne is a certified horticulturist, Master Gardener and serves on the Board of
Directors of the Cloverleaf Garden Club. She is the founder and president of Blooming
Boulevards, a not for profit organization that increases pollinator habitat by planting
wildflower gardens on city boulevards. Throughout her 50 years of gardening
experience, she has focused on environmental conservation, specializing in native
plants, woodland restoration and naturalized landscaping. She frequently does
presentations and workshops on gardening topics for horticultural groups, garden clubs
and public events such as Canada Blooms.
She is the recipient of two Awards of Merit from the Credit Valley Conservation
Authority, served for 2 years on Mississauga Cooksville Creek Task Force and in 2015
initiated an amendment to Mississauga’s Encroachment By-Law, allowing residents to
create pollinator gardens on their sidewalk boulevard strip.
Gardening is Jeanne’s joy and passion, but more than that, she i

  • Environment
  • Floral Design
  • Gardening
  • Houseplants
  • Native Plants
  • Pollinators
Speaking List
Pollinators Blooming Boulevards Descrip9on: Pollinators need networked habitat pathways in order to survive in urban area. City boulevards are the perfect “up close and personal” place for wildflower gardens. Learn how to choose easy-care, drought- and salt-tolerant naAve plants that not only beauAfy your neighbourhood but also support bees and butterflies for all to enjoy!
Native Plants Woodland Gardens Descrip9on: GeFng Ared of hostas? Learn how how to select and plant naAve shade-loving plants to naturalize your garden under trees, including challenging woodland areas such as slopes and ravines.
Propagating Native Seed Saving 101 Time of year: late summer. Description: It’s easy! Collecting and saving seeds is rewarding and knowing the source of your native plant "babies" is interesting. Find out what to look for, when to collect, and how to store the seeds. Participants will learn to identify seed heads of common native plants by walking through a native plant garden. They will be instructed in conservation practices and safe, properly-timed collection of the seed and will be able to collect small samples for practice. Labeling, cleaning and storage will also be covered, as well as avoiding problems such as insects and mildew.
Environment Understanding your Soil Time of Year: Spring, summer, fall. Description: Learn about your soil's health and how it helps keep your plants thriving. Includes a DYI soil texture test demo! There are many factors that contribute to healthy soil.This workshop will teach you about the different mineral and organic soil types, and how both of them are important to soil health. Soil texture and structure will be explored, as well as the various microscopic lifeforms that thrive in healthy soils and how they contribute to nutrient exchange and transformation.
Design Designing a Pollinator Garden Time of year: Spring, early summer. Description: Participants will learn to assess site conditions and choose plant material according to pollinator needs: (bloom time, flower shape) and plant needs (light, moisture, pH, drainage and exposure). The challenges of specific sites (like boulevards) will be discussed. Colour, composition and plant growth habits will be covered. Students will design their garden layout using native pollinator plants, in preparation for preparing a City permit application.Worksheets and supplies provided.



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