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Cloverleaf: Backyard Urban Farming, by Jill Bishop

Virtual Zoom meeting

Learn about the many benefits, (and of course some challenges) of growing food in an urban setting, including an abundance of fresh hyper local food and the opportunity to build relationships within your community while you grow! Jillian Bishop is a long-term urban farmer/ seed saver. She is a Community Food Cultivator with the Nourish […]

Cloverleaf – Rogue Gardens and the Weed Police, by Lorraine Johnson

Virtual Zoom meeting

In this light-hearted and unconventional look at how and why we garden, author Lorraine Johnson challenges us to consider the role of gardens in an era of ecological and social change. Highlighting examples of gardeners who push against neighbourhood norms—and who are often subject to bylaws and other forms of social sanction—this talk encourages us […]