OHA Exhibitors in order to submit the photos of your entries to the 2021 Showcase of Talent, here are some step-by-step instructions for the Garden Ontario Competition website for our Virtual Photo Showcase of Talent for this years Convention!

1.  Click on the category you would like to enter.  It will lead you to the login OR register screen (pictured below).  If you have previously registered you can use your login credentials to upload your entry.  If you are new to the site you will need to register first.


 2.  Fill in the registration area of the page with a username and your email.

3.  Go to your email box and check to get your login password.

4.  Now you can go back to the OHA Showcase of Talent website and log in using your username and password and upload your photo submissions for each category you would like to enter.  You do not need a new login for each category.

5.  Entries are due by July 15th, 2021