For Immediate Release:

The OHA is currently seeking a new editor for the organization’s quarterly newsletter. This position involves the following responsibilities:

The Trillium Editor:

• Solicits and receives articles provided by representatives of local horticultural societies throughout Ontario, the OHA Executive and Directors, as well as organizations outside the OHA (e.g., Royal Botanical Gardens, OMAFRA, Master Gardeners).
• Communicates with the OHA Secretary to ensure that important notices and directives from the OHA Board are included in the appropriate issues.
• Edits the articles received, in order to correct errors in grammar or spelling or to improve potential readers’ understanding of the meaning of the text. Fact checking and subsequent communication with the authors of the articles may also be required.
• Provides a draft copy of the Trillium to the OHA Board for review in advance of finalizing the newsletter.
• Emails a pdf version newsletter to the OHA Distributor for distribution to societies and subscribers. Typically, this is a version that has had its resolution reduced so as to result in a file that is an appropriate size for emailing.
• Takes the necessary action to have a high-resolution version posted on the website.
• Utilizes graphics editing software (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator) to make necessary adjustments to photos and other images.
• Utilizes page layout software to assemble text, photographs and other content in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read arrangement.
• Maintains an organized filing system and performs regular and frequent backups.

Essential skills include a proper knowledge of rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and typography. Good design abilities and demonstrated skill with software used for page layout are also required.

Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that the Trillium editor have access to a good proof-reader.

Currently, the deadline dates for copy are December 15 (winter issue, with publication at the beginning of January) March 15 (spring issue), June 15 (summer issue), September 15 (autumn issue). Winter and spring issues are usually 24 or 28 pages. Summer issues, which contain pre-convention material are 28 to 32 pages. The autumn issue, which includes a convention summary and the results of the convention competitions, may have as many as 44 pages.

The successful applicant will have the support of the current editor to ensure a smooth transition.

Applications should be emailed to OHA Secretary Kelly Taylor. Please include a one-page synopsis of your qualifications. There is a small honorarium with this position. The deadline for applicants is June 30th, 2019.

Download the full posting here: TrilliumJobDescription_mod19042608