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Ron Lewis

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Districts Served
  • D13
  • D14
  • D16

1) An organic vegetable gardener for forty-six years, Ron loves to learn and to pass on
his gardening knowledge to others. He has given literally hundreds of tours of his
garden and gives slide show presentations and workshops several times a year at
various locations. Visitors and slide viewers are often amazed when they see the giant
pumpkins, that have ranged up to 730 pounds, that he grows in his backyard.
2) A fruit-growing enthusiast, Ron found out the hard way, as most other growers in his
climate zone (3) have, that only perennial fruiting plants rated for zones 3 or 2 can
survive the harsh winters of northern Ontario. But the plants he has obtained from the
prairies over the years not only shrug off the northern Ontario winters, but produce big
crops of excellent quality fruit. So having learned that, Ron has, since 1982, run a tiny,
backyard nursery business selling prairie varieties of fruit trees, shrubs, and as he will
not be persuaded to sell anything he does not have complete confidence in, he has
gained a reputation of being trustworthy as well as knowledgeable on the subject. With
this experience, Ron is a popular presenter on growing fruits in cold climate zones;
topics ranging from variety selection, to planting, as well as pruning and grafting.

  • Edibles/Food
  • Gardening
  • Specialty Interest
Speaking List
Gardening 1) Tending an Organic Garden 2) Growing Giant Pumpkins Zoom/In person
Fruit Growing (incl pollinators, propagating, pruning Growing Hardy Fruit Plants in Northern Gardens Zoom/In person

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