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Highlights of the Fall 2014 Board Meeting

by OHA Webmaster

GardenOntario Week

The OHA board has approved the launch of GardenOntario Week during the 3rd week of June beginning in 2015.  Societies and districts are encouraged to register their existing/new events during/ happening in prior to the 3rd week of June to be part of GardenOntario Week. These events could include: a public lecture, flower show, workshop, garden tour, Open House, garden-a-thon on the longest day of the year, plant sale or community beautification.  The OHA will promote GardenOntario Week to draw attention to the related events. A separate website linked to our current one will be created to highlight this new project. We need your events, participation, ideas and enthusiasm to make this a fun and successful event.

Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (OJES) Update

Penny Stewart, Director of District 3 and Dawn Sutter of Garden Clubs of Ontario have developed a terms of reference for the project to update the Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards (OJES) publication.  The board approved the terms of reference.

Two $1000 bursaries

The OHA has established a bursary of $1,000 to a second or third year student at each of Lakehead University in relation to food security and to University of Guelph in relation to eco-friendly horticultural science to be awarded annually starting in 2015.

Seedy Saturday Grants

A new form for applying for a $250 grant to start a new, first time Seedy Saturday or Seedy Sunday event has been developed. The deadline this year for the grant application is 2 December, 2014.  Districts and societies are encouraged to participate in or organize a new Seedy Saturday event in their community.

Youth Program Standards

The OHA has adopted Horticultural Society Youth Program Standards and a Youth Leader code of conduct.  Along with these new requirements for Society Youth programs is insurance specific for youth programs being offered by Cooperators.  Details will be provided to all youth leaders shortly.

Neonicotinoid pesticides

The board passed this motion:

That whereas the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has reported on the threat posed by Neonicotinoid pesticides to pollinators and that these systemic pesticides are used in ornamental plants that bees and other insects pollinate, the OHA oppose the use of Neonicotinoid pesticides on ornamental plants and take steps to educate its members on this issue AND persuade retailers, ornamental plant producers and the public that the use of neonicotinoid pesticides must stop due to the threat they pose to pollinators. 

Further communication from the OHA will be coming related to this issue.

OHA Awards

New awards templates are at:   Consider nominating a deserving person from your district or society for an OHA award.

Community Garden Insurance

Cooperators offer Community Garden Insurance. The cost is based on the number of plots. Further communication from the OHA will be coming related to this issue.

Haskap Berry Bush fundraiser

Rose Odell is researching a Haskap berry bush fundraiser where societies may be able to purchase Haskap plants from their districts.  Information about Haskaps is here:

Bus Waiver Forms

Two Bus Waiver forms have been made.  One is for OHA events, including district events and the convention where a bus is used.  The other Bus Waiver form is for use by societies who use a bus.  Usage of the form is a best practice to manage the risk of a bus trip and set the expectations of passengers regarding potential costs.  The 2 bus waiver forms are on the Insurance page on the web site.  See:




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